How to: get your workout done in the AM

Years and years ago when I started my 'health & wellness journey' I would never have dreamed of getting up at the crack of dawn for a session. Never. My workouts were always in the afternoon, after work. The plus side of that time in my life was that I lived about 10-minutes from work; [...]

J.P = The O.G.

What a thing it would have been to have worked with Joseph Pilates himself. His teaching style was definitely one of a kind, very abrupt and sharp. But from it came so much progress that the Pilates method became known worldwide. Since then there have been so many iterations of his exercises, beginning with just [...]

When you don’t love your day job…

... but you can’t leave yet. April through to May is like Public Holiday heaven. We, particularly in Queensland where public holidays are a little more rare, notoriously dread the latter part of the year because Public Holidays are few and far between. To make matters worse, the weather is starting to cool down, and [...]

Benefits of Pilates

So, there is a lot of hype around Pilates at the moment. It has been growing in popularity ever since its sudden explosion onto the market in the 1990's - despite the fact that Joseph Pilates thought it into existence around 1912! It's no surprise that Pilates is used by so many, for so many [...]

Amazing Women: Part Four: Celeste Barber

In comparison to the other amazing women I have (potentially) introduced you to so far, Celeste Barber is brand new in my world. She waltzed on in thanks to my sister, Emma, who tagged me in one of her Insta posts last year. I’ve been hooked since. Celeste is nothing short of a breath of [...]