How to: get your workout done in the AM

Years and years ago when I started my 'health & wellness journey' I would never have dreamed of getting up at the crack of dawn for a session. Never. My workouts were always in the afternoon, after work. The plus side of that time in my life was that I lived about 10-minutes from work; [...]

When you don’t love your day job…

... but you canโ€™t leave yet. April through to May is like Public Holiday heaven. We, particularly in Queensland where public holidays are a little more rare, notoriously dread the latter part of the year because Public Holidays are few and far between. To make matters worse, the weather is starting to cool down, and [...]

Naan Bread (+ being robbed at gunpoint)

These next couple-hundred words are less about Pilates, and more about a life experience which I choose not to let define me and the way I respond to daily events. A little over a year ago we were involved in a robbery at gun (and knife) point. Yup, it happens. And we just happened to [...]