Pilates Programs

After 8+ years of practice and completing my Cert IV in Pilates, you know I’m not here to muck around.

What you’ll need:
1. A mat
2. Water
3. You!

That’s it! Zero equipment required to get sweaty and make your fat cry (you won’t be crying though – you’ll be laughing your way to sexy lean muscles and the butt of your dreams).

Tag me in your post-Pilates sweaty selfies #pilateswithA

20-minute all level Matwork

It's short, it's sweaty, and it's fun! Add this session to your morning or evening routine and start to feel the benefits that my Pilates style can offer (and burn at least 174 calories during the session)!


30-minute all level Matwork

Get your 30-minutes done for the day and have fun doing it! Yours to keep forever, add to your morning or evening to burn at least (on average) an extra 215 calories!


20 + 30 minute all level Matwork pack

Both sessions are all yours, meaning you save $10 AND get to burn at least 174 calories anytime, anywhere!