Lifestyle Coaching

Is your physical health lacking?
Do you feel like you’re constantly taking two steps forward and one step back?
Do you feel stuck and unsure of what to do next?
Are you often finding yourself in a negative mental state?

Choose from the coaching options below and let’s take care of that for you.

One-off sessions…

Intro + Goal exploring sesh (FREE!)

Never met me before & don’t know me from a bar of soap? Let’s catch up via phone for 30-min to talk about your goals and make sure we are the right fit for one another. Get your cup of peppermint tea ready for this FREE starter sesh!
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One-off Goal Setting Sesh

You don't know whether you're ready to commit to the full package, and that's cool baby! Let's catch up for an hour and figure out where you're headed with your current path, and compare that with the direction you'll need to be heading to get to your goals.


What’s included?

  • A weekly 1 hour coaching session (face to face if you’re in Brisbane, or via phone or Skype if elsewhere)
  • A follow up email covering off on everything spoken about after each weekly session
  • Accountability calls and/or messages to keep you on track between sessions (where applicable)
  • Ongoing contact with me via email or text to ask questions or seek motivation between sessions
  • Personalised ‘goalwork’ (like homework)provided to you between each session to keep your fire burning & keep you working towards your goals
  • And more – because each person is different!

1-month Coaching Package

This includes everything mentioned above within 'what's included' for a 4 week period.


2-month Coaching Package

This includes everything mentioned above within 'what's included' for an 8 week period.