What is your ‘core’ and how do you activate it?

The Hundred - the ultimate in core activation and training. I think Womens Health Magazine said it best when they wrote '...despite its reputation as the strength-building cousin of your flexibility-focused Vinyasa flow, (Pilates) classes certainly have an air of mystery about them'. During my first one-on-one session with a client recently, I learned that [...]

Food: our go-to’s to inspire your weekly shopping

Are you tired of eating the same thing every week? I thought I'd compile a list of our favourite go-to's to see if I might inspire something new for you this week! I'll also include changes we make to help a meal become more nutritious - I got ya back 😉 Breakfast:1. Oats - my [...]

What the heck is a Lifestyle Coach?

Well if you google it, we are apparently officially known as ‘lifestyle gurus’ or ‘personal-growth gurus’ and were made popular back in the 90’s by people like Madonna. Nonetheless, we’re a thing. And we are all about helping you to be happier by making/encouraging changes to your lifestyle. We are trained (well, some aren't but [...]