Would you hire you?

Right now, you are literally being the worst boss EVER, in the history of the world. Full disclosure; would you not quit if your real-life boss treated you the way you treat yourself? Because you are the boss of your thoughts, actions, reactions and commitments, are you not?

And would you not get fired if you never followed through with your commitments at work, never completed anything you started, and always turned things down because you couldn’t do them? HELL YEAH YOU’D GET FIRED!

So why? Why are you doing this to yourself.

What is something that you can do RIGHT NOW that you’ve been telling yourself you can’t? Or what is something that you can do RIGHT NOW that you’ve been putting off?

Circa 2018 – early start after early start, making the choice to get my study done + achieve something before most others were even awake!

Just start. Get yourself pointed in the right direction. If you want to get fit, but you can’t be assed, then why not start with a 10-minutes of whatever it is you’re putting off? Just. Freaking. Start.

If you don’t know how, if you can’t figure out why or where or who – then click here and let me help you.

(Tough) love always, A xo

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