Food: our go-to’s to inspire your weekly shopping

Are you tired of eating the same thing every week?

I thought I’d compile a list of our favourite go-to’s to see if I might inspire something new for you this week! I’ll also include changes we make to help a meal become more nutritious – I got ya back 😉


1. Oats – my general ingredients are rolled oats, blueberries/strawberries, chia seeds, cinnamon, cacao powder/chips, honey, maca powder & hemp seeds (if we have any) and shredded coconut. Usually I use full cream milk or almond milk, depends how I’m feeling that day!

2. Scrambled eggs on toast – the trick to make the fluffiest eggs is to add the salt and pepper AFTER you’ve finished cooking them! And instead of milk, we use a small cut of reduced salt butter and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. We use sourdough bread as we find that best for digestion due to the enzymes in the starter = less bloating.

3. Pancakes – usually topped with lemon & honey (or Isaac loves Maple Syrup), for the batter we just use oats and eggs! If we are being a bit more ‘cheeky’ then we will use a couple of tablespoons of wholemeal plain flour instead of oats – I don’t know if you can reeeally call that cheeky though, it’s flour, not drugs…


To be honest lunch is usually leftovers from dinner… if it’s not it’s probably just a Quinoa wrap with some kind of meat & salad on it. So let’s just move on to dinner, shall we?


1. Rice Paper Rolls – yas please! These babies are low in carbs and high in veggies and protein! Fill with your choice of meat, we usually go between chicken or beef strips, and whatever salad you want. Generally we use chopped spinach, grated carrot, finely sliced cucumber, sprouts and finely sliced capsicum. Your choice for sauce, we go between Kewpie Sesame mayo (go easy, this sauce is higher in sugar than you’d like to think…) or just some reduced salt Soy sauce.

2. Tacos – we do all the usual’s that most do with tacos, however I’ve recently discovered that turkey mince is actually higher in calories than lean beef mince (fun fact). We use the stand and stuff taco shells and fill with spinach (higher in nutrients than lettuce), tomato, cheese and greek yoghurt (again – far better nutrients than sour cream and basically tastes the exact same). The soft taco wraps are actually a lot higher in carbs than the shells, so bare that in mind when standing in the aisle staring at your options… we also choose the reduced salt taco seasoning, and we use Mild Mission Salsa in the mince which has the least sugar of the usual options at Woolworths.

(ps. when doing leftovers with Tacos, I just go sans shell and make a big bowl of salad then pack the mince separately so I can heat it up and tip it on top to mix altogether)

3. Pizza – we use the large wholemeal bases which can be purchased at Woolworths, there’s plenty to choose from just make sure you compare your sugars per 100g in the nutrition panel on the packet. We start with tomato passata (a tomato puree which has nothing else added except maybe some herbs) on the base, then pile on your choice of meat, spinach, capsicum, loads of mushrooms, tomato (dry it off a bit by layering it between some paper towel), crushed garlic, chopped fresh basil and sprinkle with mozzarella. Pretty standard pizza I think, but always goes down a treat. Sometimes I also like to mix ricotta in with the passata on the base.

4. Pumpkin Soup – my mama’s recipe is tried and true. Ratios will depend on how many people you are serving, we simply boil cut up kent pumpkin, butternut pumpkin and white potato in a pot of your stock (not just water – stock). Once everything is well and truly soft, use a hand stick blender to mix it up and remove all lumps. Add garlic and full fat cream to taste – voila! Salt & pepper as preferred.
If you want to dunk some bread, go with some toasted Sour Dough, for reasons I shared earlier.


Did you think I was not going to share some snacks? Come on, I wouldn’t do that to you…

1. Green apple with Mayvers nut butter – I prefer green apples because they’re more crisp and have more of an acidic bite to them which goes super well with the creaminess of nut butter. (Mayvers can be bought from Woolworths)

2. Hot chocolate – using Barlean’s chocolate greens powder and almond milk, you got yourself one nutritious chocolatey vegetable hit with zero guilt!

3. Chobani yoghurt – they’re all pretty low in carbs, some are lower than others in fat (being as low as 0.3g) and all are nice and high in protein! Awesome flavours and frequently on sale at Woolworths!

4. Rice cake with cheese and tomato or boiled egg – I know it doesn’t sound super exciting but I love this snack. it’s so easy to boil up 5x eggs at the start of the week, then all I do is smash it up with a fork and pile it onto 1 or 2 rice cakes.

Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy – now I’m ready for lunch!
Let me know if these have helped inspire you in any way, or let me know what your favourite meal is that you never get sick of!

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