Instagram: accounts that don’t make you feel like sh*t

We all know that social media has it’s pitfalls; it has an innate ability to make people feel like crap about themselves in the shortest time possible. So last year I did a MASSIVE cull of all of my channels, and I still continue to remove people whenever I feel like their posts are no longer what light me up. Now I’m left with a decent haul of positive vibes and I thought I’d share some with you in case you’re looking for some new accounts to follow for the good stuff;

bikinibuilding – Taya is about the reality of being a new parent, a PT, a Brisbane local, and she completely debunks the myths around ‘fit mums’ with her candid posts on reality + she’s got a sprinkling of content on mental health through the entire process of pre, during & post-pregnancy and general everyday life.

denisedt – Denise Duffield-Thomas is the author of Lucky Bitch, Get Rich Lucky Bitch and Chillpreneur. I’ve spoken about her before so I won’t rave on, but essentially her posts are all about living the chillpreneur, multi-millionaire life as low key as possible. She’s a normal human & she often shares posts about her family, clearing you money blocks + tips on how to be a millionaire too!

therawballer – Kylee is a Brisbane local, and her hands are heaven sent because they create the delicious healthy treats that she delivers to multiple locations around town. Kylee’s journey started with an auto-immune disease diagnosis, and she’s made the best of the situation by creating this EXTREMELY successful business + she often shares recipes so you can make them at home!

darktolight – based in the UK, this account is all about being ok with having anxiety. She posts delightful little pictures with blurbs which make you feel like a normal human being, a not like some crazy person who can’t control their thoughts sometimes. The sense of community on this account is gorgeous.

_sarahwilson_ – Sarah Wilson is the brains behind the ‘I Quit Sugar’ empire; now that she’s closed that all down she is focusing on philanthropy, hiking, and keeping the earth healthy & alive all while being full-frontally honest about her mental health (she’s open about her struggles with OCD, anxiety and autoimmune disease). Just an awesome woman to follow because she keeps it real and shows you how you can make a difference.

emrickettz – This cute lass is from the UK and is not your average ‘from this to that’ weight loss account. A major theme of my favourite accounts is that they often share the raw sides of mental health and maintaining physical health, and ways they kick their brain and body into gear – Em does this to a tee. She shares the ups and downs of her life and shows that it doesn’t have to be difficult if you don’t choose for it not to be. A very good egg. I highly recommend.

emilyskyefit – You may or may not already been familiar with Emily Skye? She’s casually rubbed shoulders with people like Dwayne Johnson, and she has a massive fitness empire all while having THE most adorable little baby girl who is HILARIOUS. Emily covers off on beauty, fitness, being a new Mum, mental health and everything in between. She checks all the right boxes!

theellenshow – I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t like Ellen DeGeneres? AND I can’t believe the show has been going since 2003! Anyway, their insta page is full of tid-bits of celebrities doing funny things and on a crappy day those little giggles are the things we need to get through…

sussexroyal – Well, it’s Harry & Meghan and I love them. I find watching what they’re doing for the world extremely inspiring so I really enjoy following their page, it keeps my philanthropy fires burning. PLUS they always explain what certain traditions and ceremonies mean and where they originated from which is really cool I think; it helps you to understand their processes and why the Royals do some of the things they do.

louslittlekitchen – Found this gal when searching the #GADwarrior hashtag for like-minded souls, she makes some mean treats and she posts some GREAT mental health content. Her page is what I would describe as ‘homey’ – you just feel comfortable there. Love, love, love.

ashybines – Ashy is a local GC babe/Mum/Wife/successful business woman who is CRUSHING it. Plus she is just an absolutely gem of a person and posts about such a variety of things that you can’t possibly get sick of her.

tanksgoodnews – do you avoid watching the news because it’s always full of bad stuff? Well this is the page for you. This account is dedicated to sharing ALL good news stories, and they will melt your heart! You can’t go wrong with following this guy.

The list is always changing but these are the ones that come to mind for now; what is your favourite Insta account to follow? Share below in the comments, or on whatever social media post you came here from!

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A xo

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