What the heck is a Lifestyle Coach?

Well if you google it, we are apparently officially known as ‘lifestyle gurus’ or ‘personal-growth gurus’ and were made popular back in the 90’s by people like Madonna. Nonetheless, we’re a thing. And we are all about helping you to be happier by making/encouraging changes to your lifestyle. We are trained (well, some aren’t but don’t get me started on that…) to help you develop your goals and maximize your results.

But, I am not a guru. And I certainly don’t claim to know everything in the arena of helping people become their best selves. But I do know my sh*t, and I’ve helped a LOT of people. And I’m always seeking out new information and ways to heal. This is what so many friends, family members, and friends of friends are naturally drawn to me for! People feel comfortable approaching me, telling me things and asking me things and I love that!

When you’re working with a coach/guru/teacher what you shouldn’t expect is to be counselled, or to be told exactly what you should do (ultimately our opinion on what you want to do shouldn’t mean anything, we are simply there to help make it happen!). Our main role is of support, it is to be your cheerleader. It is to brainstorm and help create achievable goals. It is to sit down and really, and I mean REALLY, figure out what you’re doing with yourself, and how we can get you where you want to be. Your first couple of sessions may seem brutal, but they’re exactly what you need. Trust me.

Most commonly people come to a coach when they’re ‘a bit stuck’ or if they’re wanting to make a big change in their life and they want or need somebody to keep them accountable (just like when you go to a PT! You COULD train by yourself, but that isn’t enough sometimes). In saying this, we aren’t going to force feed you your mushy peas or hold your hand as your board the plane (though I guess if you pay somebody enough…).

When ‘shopping’ for your coach/guru/teacher, you want to find somebody who you can connect with. If you’re on their social media pages, check out how they respond to comments and what their posts are all about. If you don’t click with the level they’re on, they’re not the coach for you. You don’t want to be annoyed by the way they get things done, just because it suits other people doesn’t mean it has to suit you! Take your time and find the person who you can see yourself working with for at least a few week period. Ideally, most coaches will offer an intro offer where you get your money back when you book, or some even offer it for free. Generally, I’d say you’ll know whether you want to work with them before you book your first catch up, so don’t stress too much on the logistics of it all.

Let’s face it, do you really want $40 to be the difference between you smashing your goals, or you procrastinating for a whole other year? No, I didn’t think so! And you know what, people who pay, pay attention. If you don’t have a bit of skin in the game, are you reeeeally going to commit? Really, really?

Another thing to consider when looking for your coach is what areas they specialise in, and who with. If their main ‘thing’ is money mindset with women between the age of 18-25, and you’re 30 years old looking to focus on your health, then they may not be the right person for you. It’s not to say they don’t know a thing or two about health, but if it’s not what they’re passionate about how are they going to help you ignite your fire enough to keep going after you’ve finished working with them?

So, you may now be asking what my niche is?

Am I the right fit for you?

Well, I can’t please everybody, but what I can do is help women under the age of 50 who are wanting to completely shake things up, or take a baby step, towards health, happiness and feeling grateful for every single day (whether it’s a work day or not!). I’m all about finding what you’re all about and bringing that into your life as much as possible. I’m a little bit tough-love, and I’m a lot into having a laugh and figuring things out as we go. There is no one way to reach a goal of health and happiness, so, my method is bound to be different with you than it will be with your friend, sister or co-worker.

The only way you’ll ever know is to lock in a session with me and get started!

So, what’re you waiting for? Click here to lock it in.

A xo

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