Emotional constipation: do you have it?

Hindsight is like, the best thing ever, in my opinion. Other than the fact that it’s in hindsight that you replay that weird noise you made in response to something somebody said… three years ago. But it also gives us the opportunity to see our responses and emotions for what they really are, and to figure out where the heck they came from.

Can I just preface this whole thing with – IT’S OK TO FEEL EMOTIONS.

It must be the way I was lucky to be raised in that we were never told it wasn’t ok to feel a certain way, and I’m wondering if perhaps there are families out there that teach their kids the opposite of that? Is that why so many in our society are a bit emotionally constipated? Come on guys, release. Let it out. It’s ok to feel things. Like the saying goes, better out than in! What’s NOT cool though is giving somebody a hard time for expressing their emotions or while you’re expressing yours.

Pause. Though there is definitely a right and a wrong way to express our emotions. For example, we can feel anger and we can express that by perhaps being a little more forward than we usually would be, we might be a little more direct in saying what we want and how we want it. But what isn’t ok is to talk down to somebody because you’re angry. You don’t get to talk to somebody like dirt just because you missed your train and you’re angry about it.

We going crazy when people don’t let others express emotion…

Moving forward. It pains me no end to hear people say ‘just get over it’ or something to the same effect when someone is frustrated, overwhelmed, upset, anxious or even happy! Like, why? Why should they get over it? Whatever has happened has clearly effected them to cause them to feel that way, so why not let them feel the emotion for a minute before shoveling the ol’ tough love down their throat?

AND telling somebody to ‘get over it’ or ‘calm down’ has literally NEVER helped in achieving that outcome, ever, in the history of time. Ever.

So, if you’re feeling some emotions today, or tomorrow, or whenever – just ride that wave my friend! Enjoy the human experience but remember that there are most DEFINITELY inappropriate ways to express your emotions (i.e. Rage, violence, self-harm, etc). And also, remember that you shouldn’t dwell on the bad ones for too long… fall 7 times and stand up 8, so they say.

Take care of yourself first, always.

Sometimes we can feel a little overwhelmed with our emotions if we are over-worked or headed in a direction that just isn’t for us, if you feel like this is you then click here to get in touch with me so I can help you figure it out & feel happy again!

A xo

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