Activewear: my top picks

Is it just me, or does it seem like some brands of activewear are popular in phases? Like, one day everybody is raving about Lorna Jane and the next all I’m hearing about is Rockwear…

I know that we tend to base our opinions off hearsay, but the trouble is that sometimes it can be really biased. Fun anecdote; many years ago when I worked at Rockwear a woman came in roaring and upset as her tights had busted at the seam in the crotch. Coincidentally it was only a day or two prior that myself and the store manager were helping this woman with purchasing her tights. She was adamant about them needing to be squat proof, and after some fitting room tests we advised she may prefer the next size up to ensure the tights didn’t go sheer when bending over or squatting. The woman decided to purchase the smaller size. Needless to say, she didn’t want to go the next size up, because most women don’t want to. Also needless to say, she was pissed when the tights couldn’t withstand the pressure…

Regardless, if you love a particular brand then by all means don’t let my opinion, or anybody else’s, sway you! I’m not against any brand, but I do certainly have my favourites which I thought I’d share with you just in case you’re on the hunt for some workout inspiration in the form of new active wear!

Toned by Ashy Bines

Created by the multi-talented Ashy Bines and her team, I’m personally yet to find a flaw with these products.

WEBSITE: I have ordered several times from the website and each time has been easy with no issues regarding speed or anything else tech-related, the site is very pretty and easy to use.
DELIVERY TIME: My orders have always arrived well within the anticipated delivery time, and now that I live in a capital city they arrive even faster (literally one of my favourite things about being in Brisbane).
SIZING/FIT: Every item I’ve ordered has been true to standard AU sizing. I’ve ordered multiple crops, singlets/tops, full length tights, booty shorts and jumpers/jackets. I love the fit of all of them! They’re flattering, the right length and don’t cut in ANYWHERE. So perfectly designed. I wear an XS in tops and bottoms, though my butt is erring on a size S.
QUALITY: My oldest items are well over a year old now, and very often worn. They’ve all maintained their shape and colour and are far from showing any sign of giving.
PRICE POINT: Potentially the biggest draw card in giving Toned by Ashy Bines a go is the price point. Ashy and her team have sourced the most amazing fabrics, put together such fabulous designs, and all for THE MOST reasonable prices I am yet to come across. For example, the most expensive tights currently available are only $74.95, and they are full length blackout (completely squat proof). Plus, there are always very generous sales on with the previous release stock, so you can really treat yo’self!
MY FAVOURITE PIECE: Without a doubt, has to be the booty shorts. I have 6 pairs as it currently stands, and I am well overdue to stock up on some of the newer colours! As I mentioned earlier, they are true to size and don’t cut in absolutely anywhere. They are high-waisted and extremely flattering for all shapes and sizes.

You can hit up the Toned website by clicking – here.


I don’t think Nike need any kind of introduction, though because they are so well known that can sometimes detract from their appeal…

WEBSITE/DELIVERY TIME: I have never ordered online with Nike before, I visit their stores directly. This is one of the main reasons I shop at Nike (plus, range!), because sometimes it’s just nice to be in the store, try things on, have their team help you find things that suit you, and then you get to leave with your things the same day & wear them straight away.
SIZING/FIT: All items that I have ever tried with Nike are standard AU sizing. The fit of some of their items isn’t exactly spot on, potentially because their demographic is so large – they can’t get it right for 100% of the population and that’s fair enough. Even with the few items that don’t flatter your figure, it’s not as if you are left with nothing to choose from with their range being so wide.
QUALITY: I have owned Nike gear for as long as I can remember, and I can’t think of a piece which hasn’t lasted years and years. Their shape and colour have maintained wash after wash.
PRICE POINT: Not generally as affordable as Toned by Ashy Bines, but not ridiculously unreasonable either. The plus side is that Nike often have sales, so you can generally stock up and get a great price. Their items are not as expensive as others (i.e. Lorna Jane), and in my personal opinion are better quality. You can buy a full-length pair of tights from $60 and up.
MY FAVOURITE PIECE: For starters, all of my runners are Nike. They always do such amazing designs for footwear and have such a range for comfort. Other than their shoes, I love their funky full-length tights. All of my Nike tights are made from fabrics with really out there patterns (and always attract compliments), they also have a little pocket in the newer designs which you can easily fit your phone and/or house keys while you’re out walking the dogs!

You can hit up the Nike website by clicking – here.

These are just my opinions, based off my own personal experience and nobody else’s. I’ve done all sorts of training in a lot of different brands, and these two 100% boil down to being my favourites for all of the above reasons and more.

All dressed up in your new active wear with nowhere to go? Click here to download a 20 or 30-minute mat work session and practice in the comfort of your own home or wherever the heck you please!

A xo

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