Routine: your ticket to getting sh*t done

When somebody says that they’re ‘busy’ it’s pretty subjective to what that person’s version of ‘busy’ is. I think I’ve got a fairly standard version of a busy day, it’s of significant length and it’s pretty full to the brim (particularly when Isaac is away, and I’ve got to do all of the things that we would usually share when he’s home). Nonetheless, in an effort to show you that there is always a way to fit things in I thought I would share with you my standard work day.

So, here we go!

5am – Every second day I wake at 5am and do my workout, usually it’s a matwork or reformer Pilates session, or a HIIT session.
6am – On the days I don’t get up at 5am, this is my usual wake up time. On the days I do my workout in the morning, I am in the shower by now and the bed is made.
6:50am – I’m leaving the house and walking to the train station.
7:35am – I’ve taken the train, arrived in the city & walked down the road to work. Usually while I’m on the train I’ll make a post to my Instagram page & interact with you guys, or I’ll just chill out and listen to some music or a podcast.
7:40am – I have my peppermint tea in hand, and I’m writing out my 3x financial goals into my diary for the day + any exercise I’ve done so far & I also update any exercise I did in the afternoon/evening of the day before (I like to track it to keep myself motivated & accountable).
8am – I officially start doing actual work.
1pm – it’s lunch time! I usually eat my lunch first, then go for a walk (generally 2+km depending on how long I took to eat my lunch) at Southbank. Usually while I’m eating I’ll write a blog post draft, or I’ll interact with you guys Instagram and Facebook.
5pm – work is done and I’m out the door, walking to the train station.
5:45pm – I’ve taken the train and walked home from the station (altogether the train station walks equate to about 2.6+km for the day).
6pm – If I didn’t workout in the morning, this is when I’ll exercise, usually a 30-45minute session of Pilates or a HIIT circuit. Sometimes if Isaac is home we will also walk the dogs in the evening if he hasn’t done it already before I’ve gotten home (though with him being away & winter approaching I don’t do this by myself as it’s dark by now and I don’t feel safe).
7pm – By now I’ll have finished my workout if I was doing one in the evening, and I’ll be jumping in the shower! If I didn’t do a workout in the evening, then I’ll generally have had a shower and prepared dinner already.
7-8pm – I’m eating, feeding the animals, clearing up the kitchen after cooking, prepping lunch for the next day and then finally checking my social media pages for the last time for the day, usually all while American Dad, Simpsons and Family Guy are playing on Foxtel.
8pm – It is FINALLY time to rest. Sometimes I’ll just veg out in front of the TV for a while longer with Honey, Atlas and/or Pip, other times I’ll go to bed and read while I’ve got either Tibetan Singing Bowls playing in the background, or a rain soundtrack (I’ve used InsightTimer for years for my bedtime meditations, it’s free and they have SO MANY to choose from).
8:30pm – There’s no doubt that I’m usually in bed by now, I’ll usually read until about 9-ish, or if Isaac is home then obviously we talk for a while, but by 9pm I’m generally fast asleep and preparing my body to do it all again the next day!

Altogether I’m sitting at roughly 16 hours of ‘stuff’, give or take one or two hours depending on the day. Like I said, it’s probably a fairly standard ‘busy’ day and so that is why you won’t usually find me complaining too much. That’s not to say I don’t complain, but I know that there are people with just as much on their plate + kids + other stuff that I couldn’t even dream of, so I’m pretty grateful that I’ve got a bit of wiggle room here & there.

The most important thing to remember is that we’ve all got the same hours in the day, it’s what we choose to prioritise within those hours that matters. For some it’s really important they exercise, for others it’s more important that they sleep a little longer, it’s up to you to choose and make sure that your choices are aligned with YOUR goals (not someone else’s, and not what you think you SHOULD be doing in comparison to somebody else). For me personally, I’d like to see my high intensity exercise go up a little more back to where it used to be, so I’m going to work on that.

Writing out your usual routine is a great way to see just where all of your time is going, what habits you have and where you can tidy things up a bit for yourself. Don’t know where to start? Click here to lock in a session with me and we can work on it together!

I’d love to hear from you and if this exercise helped you solidify your goals a little more – make sure if you haven’t already that you follow me on IG @pilateswitha so we can keep each other in the loop!

A xo

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