If I could turn back time

An unsuspecting young me…

Out of all the things I wish I wasn’t, the number one thing is scared. So if there was a way that I could go back in time and try undo this, I would tell myself these three things;

  1. Don’t ever allow other people to be your sole source of happiness, don’t give them that power over you. Yes, other people can make you happy but learn how to make yourself happy without them too.
  2. Illness is a part of life, don’t live in fear of it. Instead, treat yourself well and look after your body so that if you do get ill you are more likely to heal, and heal quickly.
  3. Be excited about the unknown, embrace it and enjoy the feeling of finding your feet – trust that you will always have your best interests at heart & you will know what to do in the moment.

Even though I can’t tell my younger self these things, I can tell my current self. Yeah, it’ll be a little harder to retrain my thought patterns but it’s not impossible. And ultimately, I KNOW these things because I have been through them. So if anything, that’s an advantage on going back in time because humans being humans, we learn best through trial and error.

What are three things you’d like to tell your younger self/remind your current self of right now? Tell me in the comments below or on my latest IG post (pilateswitha)!

Do you need a little help finding your direction? Click here and I can help you!

Forever learning, A xo

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