Making hurdles your b*tch

Know how when you set your mind to something, and you’re doing really well for a while, but then all of a sudden you get hit with a big fat stop sign? Let’s say for example, you’re saving up all your money for this really amazing holiday which is going to be life-changing, but then you get hit with this massive expense thanks to your car that decided to break down, and you’re like ‘ah well, I guess it’s a sign, I’ll NEVER get to go on my holiday…’. Hands up who is guilty of this? Just for the record, I think everyone’s hand should be up. Mine sure as heck is.

This is how you look, unsuccessfully hiding from your hurdles…

Let’s take a vote; hands up who believes that this kind of thing is a sign from the Universe, saying they’re heading in the wrong direction? *90% of people*

And hands up who believes that this kind of thing is a sign from the Universe to test their perseverance? *10% of people*

It’s my belief that the hurdles that you’re coming up against are a test to see if you really want it as much as you say you want it. And if you’re giving up after the first hurdle, I’m sorry my friend but you’re letting the Universe get the better of you. It’s time we get you to stand your ground and laugh in the face of your stop sign/hurdle/test.

Step One: You need to completely flip your mindset. Life isn’t a marathon, it’s a lot of short races one after the other. So get your head in the game! You don’t go to the gym once a year and expect that you’ll stay fit and lean for the following 12 months, do you? No. You go a few times a week and you eat pretty well, and you try stay active as often as possible. Well working on your mindset is the exact same… saying a positive affirmation once in a blue moon isn’t going to cut it. You’ve got to work on your mindset DAILY. Try to see the lesson in everything. Look for the good in an otherwise cruddy situation. Accept your current circumstances, while working for something better – don’t let the ‘hustle’ take the joy away from your everyday life. Having a positive mindset doesn’t mean you can’t get upset about things, it just means that you know how to stop it getting the best of you.

Step Two: Is it possible that you’re butting heads with a hurdle because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew? I know you just want to get where you’re going, and that is so amazing. But it is possibly THE most discouraging thing when you feel like you’re doing so much & not inching any closer to your goal – well, the only reason it may feel like that is because you’re aiming for the stars when right now maybe you could be reaching for the 2nd storey, instead. Then you can move up to the 4th storey, then the 8th and so on. Break your goal down into bite size pieces so that you can celebrate and remind yourself of those accomplishments when you’re having a tough one.

Side note: DEFINITELY make sure you celebrate your accomplishments! Doesn’t matter how big or small you make your celebration; it could be a cup of tea or it could be a huge-ass party! But celebrate, you’ve earned it.

Step Three: Look to somebody who has done it before you. Educate yourself on how others have trekked this path and made it to the treasure chest. You don’t have to do this alone, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Sure, you may want to throw your own flair in for good measure, but don’t make it harder for yourself by doing this! Step three may seem like an easy step, but it’s so commonly overlooked because we get so focused on ourselves in these times of hustle/growth that we forget we are part of a bigger picture.
Lastly, do not, I repeat, DO NOT listen to the murmurs of people who haven’t even dreamed to accomplish what you are. Home in on the power and resilience of those who have been there and owned it, and use their stories as empowerment when you need them.

How you SHOULD look in the face of your hurdles!

The next time you come across a hurdle, get excited. This is your test! This is life recognising you’re serious about what you want, and it’s putting you up to the challenge. Be all over that hurdle like a kid on cake (or me on cake, chocolate mud please – what a visual). Don

My favourite affirmation, learned from the great Louise Hay herself, is ‘all is well, life loves me’. I say it over and over again some days, particularly if I’m feeling negative about something. This simple little sentence has a whopping huge power and I couldn’t encourage you enough to try it out next time you’re feeling tested.

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Talk real soon, A xo

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