How to: get your workout done in the AM

Years and years ago when I started my ‘health & wellness journey’ I would never have dreamed of getting up at the crack of dawn for a session. Never. My workouts were always in the afternoon, after work.

The plus side of that time in my life was that I lived about 10-minutes from work; so I easily got to the gym or home by 5:30pm and my workout was wrapped up by 6:30ish – depending on the day. Then I’d happily make myself dinner, feed my cat, binge for the 467th time on Vampire Diaries and eventually, call it a night.

It was so easy to fit it in.

But as many can relate, eventually it became such an internal battle to get myself to the gym after work because I was so tired, I had just done everything that I had done! Plus eventually I got a boyfriend (now, fiance) and I didn’t want to spend all evening at the gym, I wanted to spend it with him! Also I stopped staying up so late on weeknights; good heavens what happened to me. Now that I’m writing it all out I can see the distinct year I started acting like an 87 year old woman…

Anyway – I started training in the mornings. To begin with it was just every so often, but at some stage or another it became my preference (because apparently my body enjoys the Nanna life, also back then it didn’t require me getting up hours before the sun). I know it doesn’t suit everybody. But it is also the only way it will get done for a lot of people. It is SO MUCH EASIER to create time first thing in the morning, than it is in the evening. Nothing has had a chance to fill your 5am slot while you were sleeping, so book it out with your sweat-sesh and be done with it!

ps. if you don’t have to get up at 5am to fit it in, and rather can do your sesh at 6am or even, dare I say it, 7am, then I am SO jealous of you…

I totally know it is NOT that easy though. So, below are a couple of ways you could begin the process of becoming the dreaded ‘morning person’…

  1. Start slowly. Just add in one or two morning sessions per week, and see how that goes. Once your body begins to adjust you may add another OR you may leave it with that – go you!
  2. Stop with the snooze. I have been known to press snooze a lot, like, a lot. It literally just gets harder and harder, the longer you snooze for. My suggestion – snooze once or twice, maximum, then get up and show the world what ya got!
  3. Opt for a different workout. If you aren’t feeling inspired to go to the gym first thing in the morning (I do not blame you, for one) then don’t. There are plenty of options for at-home workouts, something more fun, or shorter workouts. Sessions like HIIT, a circuit, sprints up and down a nearby hill or street, a bike ride, boxing, swimming laps, a beach run – or of course – a Pilates session (you can get yourself a 20-minute program right here)!
  4. Reward yourself. When you hit, say 10, early morning sessions, treat yourself! That is a bloody job well done if you ask me, and you deserve that massage/hair treatment/pair of new Nike’s!
  5. Get your head in the game. Set out your workout clothes the night before, if you are heading out for your workout then prepare your bag, towel and drink bottle. If you’re doing an at home session then set up your mat and any props you’ll need (magic circle, hand weights, resistance bands) – you could even go as far as putting a cute little note for yourself on the mat – I’m imagining a ‘proud of you’ post-it.
  6. Change your alarm. Waking up to something nicer than ‘stop being fat’, or something to the same effect, is sure to get you in a better frame of mind. For example, mine says ‘Be determined, show integrity’ because that means something to me beyond just not being ‘fat’.
  7. Have something to look forward to. Be it a coffee at your favourite cafe near home or the office, or a yummy breakfast, or that reward that your set for yourself in 9x more early sessions time.

If you need help navigating a new mindset and crushing your goals, why not hit me up for a one-to-one coaching sesh? You can click here to commit! Or you can add 20-minutes of Pilates to your day by clicking here! Easy as pie!

What works for you? Share with us in the comments below!

A xo

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