When you don’t love your day job…

… but you can’t leave yet.

April through to May is like Public Holiday heaven. We, particularly in Queensland where public holidays are a little more rare, notoriously dread the latter part of the year because Public Holidays are few and far between. To make matters worse, the weather is starting to cool down, and we are watching on as the other side of the world is preparing for ‘Summer break’ and living their best lives at the beach while we start to stock up on immune strengthening vitamins and bed socks… #jealous

So anyway – back tracking a little – I was so elated when I finished work on Friday, knowing I had THREE days ahead of me which were free of my everyday work-worries. The thing is, I actually really enjoy my role and the people I work with, but I just know that the corporate world is not where my calling is, and this was confirmed by the freedom I felt not having to stress about trains, elevators or rude people not looking up from their phones when crossing the road (some lady fully barged me today!). I was care-free. It was all of a sudden so easy for me to shrug off any other little worry which in different circumstances may have triggered something more.

Though, on Monday night, the feeling of uneasiness started creeping back. I felt queasy, shaky and just that gross sort of feeling at the bottom of my throat like I wanted to vomit, and I woke up Tuesday morning still feeling unwell. It took me a massive chunk of the day to shake it off (thanks to some Kombucha at lunch, I started to pick up for the afternoon), although I was left feeling a little deflated at the fact that I was so effected by work when I’m not quite at the stage yet where I can abandon it. Also at the fact that I’ve somehow let this affect me so much it’s impacting me physically!

Knowing that I can’t abandon my safety net right this moment (and also that I need to accept my current circumstances to allow myself to ENJOY life rather than wish this period away), rather than feeling trapped and stuck, I thought of some ways to meet myself half-way until working for myself full-time is a reality (February 2020, baby) …

  1. Be present – this is a HUGE one for me, I have made it my 28th birthday goal to hone this skill (also to be able to do the splits). Anxiety and stress all come from thoughts of the past or the future, so the biggest thing we could possibly do to lower those adrenalin and cortisol levels is be right here, right now, and live in the moment.
  2. Find a hobby – outside of Pilates, there isn’t a lot that I do just for the sake of pure enjoyment so I’m on the hunt for something I can commit myself to. I’m thinking a dance class, or maybe even horse-riding lessons! Doing something that you enjoy just for the sake of it provides you with an outlet for creativity and gives your brain a much needed break, plus laughing and moving your body in different ways are also awesome ways to lower those cortisol levels!
  3. Eat well – I’ve said it before and I’m sure I don’t need to say it again; if you eat poorly you will feel poorly. If we are fueling ourselves on low quality foods, then prepare to feel ‘low quality’ until they pass through your body and are replaced instead with nutritious, fresh foods. I’m not saying you can’t treat yourself, but be honest with yourself about what areas of your diet could use some improvement.
  4. Learn how to deal with stress – because it can’t be avoided forever. Sometimes, things just happen. And as much as we can fill our lives with hobbies, awesome nutritious food and laughter, stress will still pop up and you need to know how to deal with it in a functional and realistic way. #truthbomb
  5. Workout – make sure you pencil it in, no, PEN it into your diary to exercise before or after work. Extra points if you add boxing to your sesh so you can really smack that stress out of you!

Trust me when I say that I get where you’re at; you’re working in a job which isn’t your calling, you might not be making the money you want to be, you’re not into working for some other company which isn’t aligned with your values, and you may be feeling so stuck that you’ve got no idea how to get out of this mess.

Just start with this… ‘I’m worthy of happiness and abundance’. Go on, say it.

Now say it again. Take a big breath and read on…

I get that you may not be able to leave your job right now and begin working full-time on that Start-up you’ve been planning; and that’s ok. I don’t think I will ever advocate for that. I personally feel that is an unrealistic goal unless you have a VERY LARGE amount of savings that will get you through the better part of one to two years before making decent profit. Hey, we’ve all got bills to pay! Let’s just take a moment to be grateful that you CAN pay them right now, even if that means you don’t live for work.

I know that somebody may have spruiked that lifestyle to you, and obviously it sounds amazing, but just remind yourself that you are doing the best you can, and you are working to your own drum – not theirs.

In the meantime just keep taking steps in the right direction, set goals for yourself and then set goals for your goals (and do some Pilates!).

I got you, A xo

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