28 Lessons

Today I turn 28. I’m glad to be leaving 27 behind because it’s uneven and also it just felt like it had some really bad juju (although I actually had a great year). Firstly, I’d like to thank Mum (Lucy) for growing me in her belly for 9 long months, a task which I am not yet ready to do myself but will get around to eventually for the sake of having a child who looks even nearly as cute as Isaac did.

Getting on with it – here are 28 lessons I’ve learned so far;

Circa 2009 or 2010
  • I am far too pale to have dark brown hair
  • My forehead (affectionately known as my ‘fivehead’) is NOT too big and does not resemble a cinema screen (thank you very much, year 6 bully)
  • Being held up at gun and knife point doesn’t need to be the end of life as you know it, it’s your choice how you respond to EVERYTHING in life
  • Coffee is not your friend if you have anxiety
  • You don’t need to be scared of what you ‘might do’ in the future, YOU will be there, and you’ll be in full control of what you do
  • You will find the perfect guy/girl when you stop looking for them, just focus on yourself and the Universe will bring you an exact vibrational match when the time is right
  • Money DOES buy happiness in the means of adventure, financial freedom and independence, prioritise saving your dollary-doos for a rainy day and you won’t regret it!
  • It’s not always worth having the last word in a disagreement – listen to what they’re saying rather than preparing for your next rebuttal
  • As my Mama always said – think about what you say, before you say it
  • Don’t slouch – shoulders back and drawn down, tummy in! You don’t want to be a hunched over little old lady! (I often get complimented on my posture, so I must be doing something right!)
  • If you dress like a sack of potatoes, you’ll feel like a sack of potatoes
  • Gossip is 99% fake news – don’t listen to it. Seek out what you need or want to know straight from the horse’s mouth, and you’ll be in a way better position to make your own decision about a person or business
  • I am yet to use any skill I learnt from school in everyday life except basic math, physical exercise and English
  • Talk to somebody, anybody. Connection is everything
  • Don’t allow somebody else’s blocks to stop you from achieving your goal, it doesn’t matter if THEY don’t think you can do it, it matters that you think YOU CAN
  • When somebody cuts you off when driving, you will always huff or make a ‘whaaa’ sound and then turn your hands out to the sides of the steering wheel. Every time. Don’t test me on this, my BFF and I have a 10-year ongoing independent study
  • Don’t drink a cup of tea within 30-minutes of bedtime, you’ll have to get up and wee 20 times through the night
  • You should always under promise and over deliver
  • Moving will always make you feel better – do a crazy dance, go to the gym, swim, do Pilates – just move, doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is.

It is better to be tired from physical exertion than to be fatigued by the ‘poisons’ generated by nervousness while lying awake.

Joseph Pilates
  • You’ll feel like a way better human if you speak to all your family members at least once a week
  • You might grow a little apart from your long-time friends, just give each other space but don’t cut them off completely (unless they (or you) are super-duper toxic), it’s likely they’ll come back into your life again and your friendship will be even better than before
  • When somebody gives you feedback, don’t take it personally, hear them out and action what you agree with and seek more information about the things you don’t
  • Gyms are not scary – but they do have a lot of equipment. If you’re new, set up a session with a PT to give you an idea of the areas and machines. And ps. everybody is too busy looking at themselves to be looking at you
  • It’s better to start late than not at all
  • Failure is your friend, you won’t learn nearly as much from getting it perfect every time
  • Sleep with your pillow under your shoulders rather than your neck (if you’re a back sleeper), this is far better for your posture and your airways
  • Find a hairdresser and stick with them (I’m lucky because mine is one of my BFF’s) – it’s a lot less stressful when YOU know THEY know exactly what you like
  • Buy yourself nice things every now and then, nobody – no matter how hard they’re trying to save – deserves to go without the finer things in life (sometimes just buying the nicer hand soap goes a long way! And why shouldn’t you get to have the nice aroma therapeutic organic hand soap?!)

As my birthday present, tell me something that you’ve learned that you maybe wish you knew sooner, and something that has always gotten you through a sticky situation?

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Happy 28th Birthday to me!

A xo

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