Amazing Women: Part Five: The Duchess of Sussex

We all knew this was coming right? How fabulous is The Duchess of Sussex, formerly known as Meghan Markle? You may or may not know that I am an English Australian, my heritage has got some strong footing in the United Kingdom so I’m all about the Royal Family. I just love them. And fortunately for me I fell in love with Meghan ages ago when the first season of Suits came out, so I’ve been basking in her glory for years. The news of these two amazing things joining to become one was a pivotal point of my 2017.

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She’s talented, absolutely gorgeous, has brilliant fashion sense and stands up for some really important causes. That’s it. Blog done.

Nooooo – just kidding. I could talk about her for days. This is basically just a love letter about Meghan.

Did you know she started campaigning right back when she was 11? She wrote a letter to an advertising company who had released a very sexist commercial regarding dish soap and had them change it. And I think that is a really cool thing to remember; it doesn’t take much to stand up for what is right. I think sometimes we can get a little lazy and we just think to ourselves, ‘somebody else will do it’. Well my friends, it’s not the dishes we are talking about here. It’s our planet and the society in which we live.

Much like the late Princess of Wales, Meghan has spent a lot of time supporting charities which help underprivileged communities as well as gender equality, access to education, the treatment of AIDs, and animal welfare. I think the reason I fell so madly in love with Meghan is for her charitable work with endangered species caused by poaching. I have a lot of respect for people who make it their mission to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Particularly because in doing so, she has spent so much time in these places. Away from the comforts of home, in the middle of nowhere, in a country which does not speak English as its first language, advocating for these animals and their rights – I have a not so sneaky suspicion I am far too scaredy-cat for that but I’d love to do it one day. Meghan has been the ambassador for World Vision Canada, a counsellor for One Young World, she has worked with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and so much more.

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Well before she joined the Royal Family, Meghan spent years working on her acting career and played a lot of small parts in many films and TV shows, as well as a few modelling gigs. In 2014 Meghan was the founder and editor-in-chief of The Tig, which you may or may not have followed on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook before it was closed down in 2017. The Tig was a lifestyle website which had columns on food, fashion, beauty, travel and featured profiles of inspirational women. The site reinforced Meghan’s message of self-love, positivity and spirituality and I for one was extremely devasted when the site closed down.

There’s probably not a lot that I can write, which you don’t already know. But the reason I still chose to feature The Duchess of Sussex in my Amazing Women series is because she really does inspire me to do better. When I learned of all that she did and still does for animal rights and for those less fortunate, I made a much bigger and more conscious effort to support causes which mean something to me. Even if that meant just donating a bit of money, or signing a petition, I want my voice to be heard on the matters that I care about.

Moving forward I’d love to follow in Meghan’s footsteps and actually visit these places, see things with my own eyes, and help with my own two hands. I will make it happen, and I’m really grateful that we’ve got women like her to look up to and to light a fire under our butts to make the changes we wish to see.

Needing a fire lit under your butt? I’d be happy to! Click here and let’s get cracking.

A xo

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