Amazing Women: Part Four: Celeste Barber

In comparison to the other amazing women I have (potentially) introduced you to so far, Celeste Barber is brand new in my world. She waltzed on in thanks to my sister, Emma, who tagged me in one of her Insta posts last year. I’ve been hooked since.

Celeste is nothing short of a breath of some damn fresh, minty, alpine air after you’ve been sitting in a fart-bubble plane for 18 hours. I think the best way for me to introduce her to you, if you (by an insane turn of events) don’t already know of her, is by providing you with an assignment. Go find her on Instagram – celestebarber. Maybe do it after you read this blog though, you know – it’s always good to see things through.

So Celeste is a comedian, actor, writer, Mum, and wife to #hothusband. To my knowledge, she made her dent in the social media scene when she started to imitate pictures that famous people had done which would otherwise be weird if anybody else did them. Celeste broadcasts loud and clear that you don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to be one heck of a human being. I’d go as far as to say she is actually my favourite person on Instagram, I can tell this by the lack of eye rolls and scroll pasts that I do of her posts. If anything, I revisit them and laugh more later. And guys, we all know that having a laugh is the best cure for everything, ever.

While at the book store on the weekend a couple of weeks ago, seeking out the new book by Denise Duffield-Thomas (they didn’t have it, had to order it in… rude), I also picked up Celeste’s book ‘Challenge Accepted!’. A biography like no other. I bought this book on a Sunday afternoon, and it was finished by the following weekend! No joke, guys, this book is a ripper. Celeste manages to hone in on some pretty intense stories from her early-life, some which really tug at the heart-strings, and yet at the end of the chapter you realise you’ve been loudly nose laughing on the train for 20-minutes. In fact that’s how much I’m loving this book; I’m now one of those people who read on the train.

What I’ve learned so far is that although many of us have only come to know her name in the last couple of years, Celeste has been on the scene for years and years and has really put her back into it to get where she is! If there’s one thing she’s an advocate for it the ‘hustle’. True story, she’s all about it. If I may also add, Celeste has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) which she was diagnosed with in her teens – she’s never let that stop her from anything either. Zero excuses. Aim at your goal, and fire, babeh.

But beyond her talent of clearly being bloody hilarious, being a positive body image influence, and of course acting, is another part of her which I feel deserves some limelight; her ability to talk about bullying and sexual harassment and NOT want to cause a scene of it. In her book Celeste tells a couple of stories from her childhood and teens when she was treated absolutely horribly by her peers, and yet she doesn’t name names, she doesn’t talk of them ruining her life, she just talks about what they did and how it all panned out. She highlights the fact that not all ‘bullying’ is bullying. Some is ACTUALLY character building and is required for us to make for an adult with some decently thick skin, because not everything is sunshine and roses and you’re not always going to get a medal for coming last (Sorry kids, but nope… not gunna happen). As with the sexual harassment she copped as a teen and in her early 20’s, again, she tells the details of the instances but doesn’t name names, instead Celeste highlights what she thinks are the REAL changes that need to be made. And I tend to agree that when a woman says the name of the harasser, the story is no longer about her & what she suffered, it instead becomes about the ‘man’. Perhaps (sometimes) a woman just wants to share her story to bring it to light to help change the culture we’ve currently bred, nothing more.

She’s only young, and she’s got a lot of time for a lot more stories in her life so I, for one, am looking extremely forward to the next book, whenever that may be.

Celeste Barber is all about being raw, real, and owning your sh*t. I think we can all learn a lot from her, and it is for that reason I think she is one extraordinarily amazing woman.

I implore you to purchase her book, you can do that – here. Even if you’re not a ‘reader’, this book is some serious entertainment.

She’s also on Facebook, you can find her by searching ‘Celeste Barber’.

She’s got a website too! Click – here – to visit that, there’s a blog and all sorts to explore.

Now – go check out her Instagram (celestebarber)!

Keen to turn that frown upside down and get your mindset chugging along like new? Click here and let’s get you the happiest & healthiest you’ve been!

A xo

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