Amazing Women: Part Three: Denise Duffield-Thomas

Image from Denise’s Instagram

So before we dive into our ah-mazing woman today, I thought I’d provide a little bit of background as to why it was so ground-breaking when I discovered her;

In the realm of money, I think we can all safely say that we’ve struggled at least once or twice in our life. Your version of ‘struggle’ may be different to the next, but nonetheless, struggle. I know personally that I’ve been in some pretty dank places financially; living off a credit card after having my Government contract cut short right before Christmas. Then trying to pay that money back on top of my other regular living expenses and car loan. It literally took me three years to ‘recover’, and I’d easily say that because of that experience my ideals around money were pretty hugely impacted. Add on top of that, my ‘worth’ being dictated to me by employers, comments made by family members like ‘you’re just like your ‘so-and-so’, you spend money without thinking it through’ and ‘friends’ publicly shaming me on their Facebook after my confiding in them and refusing to remove the post – these things really stuck with me. 

Since then I’ve come a long, long way (we bought our first house!!). But I have still experienced so many setbacks. It just seemed that I HAD to spend my money, as much as I’d try build up my savings, they’d be gone in an instant. It turns out this is a super common issue and yet so many of us just put it down to bad luck, and keep on trying & failing over and over and over again. On top of this, I’ve had a few failed business models as well. Did you know I’m actually a qualified Photographer? I’m also a qualified Life Coach. Guess which business of mine did poorly? Trick question – it was both! I literally made more money selling my Photography gear than I did from my shoots. Deep down I was so scared of everything that came with running a business, like pleasing everybody, having to come up with new business all the time, extra taxes and fees and whatever else I could drum up to worry about, that I blocked any money from coming in. Again, I put it down to bad luck, and went back to my little safety net of the corporate world while thinking ‘I’m just not meant to be my own boss’. And even until recently I would often say ‘I always choose my happiness over a high wage’, and blame that on why I wasn’t getting anywhere. Can you see anything wrong with that statement?

Enter Denise Duffield-Thomas. What a woman. I actually came across Denise on a podcast way back in 2014 or 2015 with Lucy Bourchier, talking about Lucky B*tch and the issues she had with putting a swear word in her business name, among other things. It was a really great interview. And I started following her on socials around that time too, but for some reason didn’t really start to pay attention to what Denise was saying until THIS YEAR! YES! I’ve somewhat wasted up to five years when I could have hit the Lucky B*tch gold mine years ago! Anyhow, the important thing is that now that I’ve come to realise just how amazing Denise and everything she’s about is, I can share her with you!

A little about Denise, for those who may not be familiar with her work; Denise is a mother of three beautiful children, a wife, a dream-home owner, and the brains behind a multi-million dollar company which started as life coaching sessions. She. Is. Brilliant. Denise is also a self-confessed ‘lazy person’ who will always find the easiest way to do things. Her Money Bootcamp course has changed the lives of thousands of women across the world, and started from extremely humble beginnings which you can read about here. Denise also had many other failed business models which she all too happily shares with her thousands-upon-thousands of followers, because that’s sometimes the reality of being a business owner! Failure is a part of life, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a ‘sign from the Universe’ that it’s not meant to be. It’s just a sign that something has got to change (and that change may be your mindset)!

In January of this year Denise offered a free webinar which I quickly signed up for (all of Denise’ webinars are recorded and you can check them out on her Youtube channel). You see, I came into the new year thinking I had a secure job, only to find out about 2 weeks after returning to work that they could no longer afford my wage and ‘were going to talk to me about it before Christmas’ but for some odd reason – didn’t (I found out with them telling me the day before payday that they weren’t paying me my full wage…). So I frantically started looking for work, and in the midst of this was open to any assistance I could get on my money mindset because I didn’t want it to impact poorly on my Pilates business. I logged in for the webinar and took down SO MANY NOTES. Then, the very next day, bought her book ‘Get Rich, Lucky B*tch’. This purchase has unequivocally changed my life.

I’m not going to spill the beans on what is in the book – because I want YOU to go get the book, or at least go check out the blog. What I can tell you is that your life will be changed for the better, forever. Some of the tips Denise shares are so obvious, you’ll honestly be kicking yourself. Denise has three books which can be purchased, the other two are ‘Lucky B*tch’ and her most recently released ‘Chillpreneur’. Of course she also has her online courses which you can enrol in at any time. Unfortunately I don’t yet have first-hand experience with these as I’ve not previously had the cash to splash, but I certainly will be investing very soon. In any case, from every review I’ve seen, plus the content of the book, this is money well spent. There are payment plan options too, if this is something which will help you jump on board.

Since reading ‘Get Rich, Lucky B**ch’ I have made some awesome little daily changes and these have already had me profiting on them! I won an SEO and Marketing 1-1 Workshop with one of Brisbane’s best which is valued at $1500, I scored a free 90-minute business planning consult with Eva the owner of Ladies Up, I scored a 12-month contract in the Corporate World for exactly the wage I asked
(after which I plan on never having to be in the Corporate world again – unless I’m doing Pilates with them), and I have received discounts galore! Next step – 6 figures, baby! I’m certainly not jumping off the Denise Duffield-Thomas bandwagon any time soon, and I will happily tell anybody and everybody who is willing to listen about this glorious woman and everything she is offering to the world of Boss Babes!

Denise is not a financial adviser, and she doesn’t claim to be a guru in the field, but this is what sets her apart from the rest, and you’d be crazy to not at least go check her out and see what she has to say to help you get where you dream to be;

Instagram – denisedt

Facebook – Denise Duffield-Thomas

Website –

YouTube –

I could write for days about the achievements and amazing things Denise has accomplished, but I think they come best straight from the horses mouth. And also, I don’t want to give it all away when she is the one who came up with the golden nuggets of wisdom that I’m raving about. Trust me on this, the $20 you spend on her book will come back to you ten-fold (at least!) if you action what she’s sharing with you.

Have at it! There’s plenty of money in the world for us all to be successful and living our best lives! And p.s. if it weren’t for Denise, then I don’t think this website would even exist yet! I’d still be ‘waiting to make it perfect’.

Needing to work on goals that Denise’ books can’t help with? I can help with that – click here and let’s figure out where you’re feeling stuck!

A xo

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