Amazing Women: Part Two: Sarah Wilson

A recent from Sarah’s Instagram page where over $15K was donated to her World Bicycle Relief mission.

Sugar and I are in a love-hate relationship. And way back in 2012 when I was living by myself with my cat, Muffin (ironic when trying to quit sugar, I know), I purchased myself a book in which was my first true effort in kicking the stuff. This was my first interaction with the one and the only, Sarah Wilson.

Sarah is the author of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ books, which started as an e-book and ended as a global phenomenon. From the original, a few others have spawned, but since then Sarah has closed up shop and continued with other entrepreneurial and charity work, being that she never meant to turn it into such a massive venture anyway. Did you know that the multi-million dollar concept starting out as Sarah closing herself off from the world in a hut, quitting sugar, so that she could then write a weekly column about it? That’s it, how amazing is that?! *cue song ‘from little things, big things grow’*

While Sarah has impacted the lives of literally millions of people, that is actually only a small reason as to why she has influenced my life in such a ginormous way. The release of her book ‘First, We Make The Beast Beautiful’ was something else altogether. Never has there been a book where I’ve felt it was written more for me. Never was there a book that brought me relief within the first 2 pages. Never was there a book that I could relate to every single page; until there was this book. ‘First, We Make The Beast Beautiful’ came with me on my first overseas trip to Thailand for Dad’s gender reassignment surgery, and was an absolute lifeboat while I was floating in a sea of anxious discomfort. If you don’t know much about Sarah, then let me fill you in quickly.

Sarah Wilson was the original host of MasterChef, and before that she was the Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine (Australia). She is all about minimalism, hiking, riding her bike, and treating our planet with the respect it deserves. Perhaps most relevant to you and I in this particular space is that Sarah lives with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (autoimmune disease), anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. In fact, she more than just lives with these conditions, she lives in spite of them. They throw her lemons, and she’s like, here have this delicious zero-waste sugar-free lemon cheesecake!

With everything going on in her head, according to her Insta-feed, Sarah is more at home in the middle of nowhere than she is anywhere else. One of her posts, which I screenshot a while ago & look at whenever I’m on a plane and on the cusp of an anxiety-attack, is a picture of her little one-man tent and a caption saying “Can’t sleep in a bed, but give me some dirt, a one-person tent, isolation and fornicating wallabies for ambient noise, and I slay that night. Bam! 9 hours! And Pfft! Anxiety abates. Sometimes I think we all just need more dirt”.

The series of cookbooks which have been born of ‘I Quit Sugar’ are so beautiful, I’ve been known to quite happily just flip through them like you would a magazine or picture book for almost an hour at Big W while Isaac wonders around looking at other bits and pieces (I own one of them, but saving for a house and paying for a wedding unfortunately doesn’t leave too much to splash around). They’re full of zero-waste, sugar-free recipes that you can’t NOT love. Though this is beside the point, it does go to show that Sarah puts everything into what she releases into the world. These books are a reflection of the effort she goes to day in, day out, to look after our planet as well as herself in-keeping with a diet which will aid her autoimmune condition. I find that inspiring.

Sarah’s mission is so absolute with why I started Pilates with Ali, to help us all feel less alone, I love that she’s such a huge advocate of health and vitality and being-yourself, and for these reasons and so many more I’ll be a life-long fan.

If you don’t already, you can follow Sarah on –

Instagram – _sarahwilson_

Facebook – Sarah Wilson

Her Blog –

You can buy her books at;

Take care of yourself, add a little movement in every day (20-minute Pilates session, anyone?), and eat well!

A xo

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