Amazing Women: Part One: Ashy Bines

There are some women who just stand out from the crowd and sometimes it can be for the smallest of things; maybe because every time you see them at the checkout they are always so cheerful, or maybe you saw them pick up a piece of rubbish they were sitting near instead of leaving it there ‘because it wasn’t theirs’. Those things are lovely, and so, so nice to the planet. But because I have the opportunity to, I thought I would share with you a few fabulous women and the ways they’ve influenced my life in a little series ‘Amazing Women’ in hopes that if you’re feeling a little lost or misguided, they may be able to light your way.

First up, Ashy Bines.

Ashy was brought into my life thanks to a friend I made at work in Wodonga, initially my friend would always talk about how frustrating it was that this Ashy Bines would talk for so long on her Snapchats. Because at the time, that wasn’t the usual thing to do. But literally about a week later, after she started paying attention to what Ashy was saying, she was like ‘you gotta follow Ashy Bines’. So I did, and I haven’t stopped since. For those of you who may not know Ashy from a bar of soap, she is a Gold Coast babe, a Mum to Taj and wife to Steve. They are absolutely the cutest family, and she shares often about their day-to-day in an effort to help other Mums, and women in general, with the tips and tricks that she discovers whether it be health/fitness, mental health, home, family or travel related. Ashy owns the Ashy Bines Transformation Centre on the Gold Coast, and became known thanks to her ‘Bikini Body Challenge’. You may have even heard of her through her many collaborations; Clean Treats Co and their delicious healthy sweet treats, she supports her BFF’s with their amazing ventures, Gretty Rose The Label and Breeze Balm, her Mum who makes all things delicious for your body with HideAWAY Handmade, and OF COURSE she has her out-of-this-world range of activewear, Toned (review to come soon).

The reason Ashy is the first in my series is because she is a normal Australian woman striving every day to do amazing things, and she really did change my life for the better. She flat out admits when she has done something wrong, and she shares her deepest and darkest in hopes it will help even ONE other person out there who may be struggling. There is something about her, particularly if you’re lucky enough to meet her in person, that is so genuine. Yes, she’s absolutely beautiful, and her posts on social media are definitely envy-worthy. But she is also blatantly honest about her intentions and what her day-to-day REALLY looks like. Ashy has often spoke candidly about anxiety, depression, and online bullying. You can find her vlogs on her YouTube channel where you can catch up on what you’ve missed (So. Much. Content. Your weekends for the next 5 weeks are sorted. You’re welcome).

So, she supports her friends and family, she encourages women across the world to be their healthiest best selves, and she talks openly about mental health and bullying. What’s not to love? If you were to google her, you may come across a couple of controversial stories – nothing which she hasn’t addressed via her many channels, and some of which are just straight-up lies.Unfortunately with the limelight, comes a higher than average ratio of people who don’t like you or something that you’ve done. Ashy has spoken on many occasions about the threats she and her family have received, it’s downright sickening. You know what she doesn’t do though? Hold resentment. She addresses these things head on, and teaches her many younger followers to do the same.Not to hide from what is happening in our lives but address it, accept it, and try do better next time.

I was extremely fortunate to meet Ashy at the Melbourne Convention Centre for one of her Squad Tours towards the end of 2017, and even more fortunate that my handsome fiancé (woke up at 3am to drive us there, and) bought me a Platinum ticket which meant I was up front & centre AND got to meet Ashy, Gretty, Sammy and Steve. I’ve not had the opportunity since, but if ever you do get it – take it! These people are the kind of people you want in your life, even if only via social media. Each of them have proven successful in their businesses but they don’t just stop there, they say ‘what next?’. Not only professionally, but personally as well. They are the prime example of your vibe attracting your tribe.

If you haven’t already made her a part of your life, you can findAshy on;

Instagram – ashybines

Facebook – Ashy Bines

YouTube –

Snapchat – ashybines1

From there you will quickly find that you’ve become part of a huge community of people across the globe who all just want the best from their lives, and to be living healthily & happily while they do it.

Looking to work on your own fitness journey? Click here for a 20-minute Pilates session to have & to hold forever, whenever and wherever you like!

A xo

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