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You & I are new friends, and perhaps you’ve got no idea who I am outside of being a Pilates Instructor/GAD Warrior, so I thought I’d share a little story about a boy & a girl who love each other very much!

Isaac and I met all thanks to a long-time mutual friend; I knew Josh since way back when I was 16, and coincidentally he happened to enlist in the Army at the same time as Isaac and they became extremely good friends.

As you may know, I was previously in quite a toxic-long-term relationship which left me all kinds of broken (this is not all his fault, and I’ll write a blog all about it eventually). After this I spent a decent chunk of time just healing myself, by myself, quite happily I’ll add. While I was still speaking with guys, I wasn’t having much luck with finding a gentleman who made me want to see them again, let alone meet the parents. Josh reached out one day, quite randomly, and said to me “I have a friend, and you two are too good looking and too nice not to be together”.
It did take a bit of convincing for me to message Isaac, mainly because they didn’t even live in the same town as me at that stage but were due to move to Townsville later that year, so I was like ‘I’ll just meet him when you guys get here!’. Josh insisted I message Isaac. I trusted Josh an awful lot, so, I messaged Isaac. This was in January of 2014. We messaged, called and FaceTimed over a few months and eventually got to meet in June when the Army brought the guys to town so they could see where they were being moved to. 
In July, I invited him to my Dad & Mandy’s wedding. That’s right – he met my entire family in one hit, before we were even officially dating. If that wasn’t a sign of the kind of man he was, I don’t know what would be! A week later I flew to Darwin, and bobs-your-uncle, we were officially dating (though he will tell you I wasn’t very excited about it – in my defence, I was quite intoxicated when he asked, and in my head I was like ‘wooooooooooooooooo’ but it seems out loud I went with something far more laid back…). After that, I visited Darwin monthly until November when he finally moved to Townsville.

Since then we have lived in Townsville, Wodonga, and now Brisbane together. Pretty quickly we added Honey & Atlas to our family. They are our gorgeous Siberian Huskies, who we love more than you could possibly put into words. It was completely coincidental that we decided we wanted Huskies, then the very next day after talking about it my sisters friend announced her dog was having puppies – huskies!! They were meant to be a part of our little Wolf Pack. Last January (2018), we not only added Pip, our little lilac point Tonkinese, to our family, but Isaac gave me the surprise every girl (“most” girls) can’t wait for.

He arranged a room for us at the Hilton on the Gold Coast on Australia Day. This is the part where most people are like, didn’t you see it coming? Well, no. We always do something for Australia Day, number one. And two, we live in Brisbane, so going to the Gold Coast isn’t that weird of a thing to do… so anyway. We had such an amazing day at Main Beach, and eventually went back to the hotel to hang out in the pools and enjoy our spa bath. We decided to go out for Italian for dinner (no surprise – it’s our favourite), and after I’d gotten ready he said to me ‘you’re not dressed very appropriately’, and told me to sit on the bed and close my eyes. I had no idea what to think, because for those who know Isaac, he pulls some weird sh*t sometimes hahaha, so who knew what I’d open my eyes to.

He said open them, and there he was, kneeling in front of me with the most beautiful ring (that he chose entirely by himself!) & a giant smile on his face (he also put together quite the cute stunt with a Kinder Surprise egg). “Alison Frances Joyce Johnson, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”. Obviously, I said yes. And I ugly cried. Boy, did I ugly cry. It will forever be perfect in every way, and one of my absolute favourite memories. I could re-live this and re-live this all day long. SO many happy tears right now.

So yes – our wedding is this September 14th. It will be at our home, and it is going to be the most wonderful celebration. I can’t wait to be Isaac’s wife, and the first Mrs de Neef-Blowers.

If you’d like to know more about the wedding planning side of things, because we’ve done it all ourselves without a planner, then let me know and I’d be happy to share our experiences and vendors. 

Love is the best, and if you don’t currently have something like this, just know that it will come right when it is meant to and not a moment sooner. I was NOT looking for love when I was introduced to Isaac, he was completely the single best surprise of my life. It will happen, I promise. In the meantime, enjoy your single-dom!

If you’re getting wedding-ready, then what better way to feel good than add 20-minutes of Pilates to your day to lengthen and strengthen your muscles PLUS encourage you to breathe (which let’s be real – we can forget to when we are running on stress + adrenaline + caffeine).

Don’t know where to start with all of this mindset/relationship/vibration stuff? Click here, lets work together so I can help you figure it out and be on your way to the perfect relationship.

A xo

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