My ‘Why’

What makes me so sure that I can help to make your life even just that little bit more sunshiney? Not only do I have fabulous pets (two Siberian Huskies and a Tonkinese Kitty) that you will regularly see doing super cute things, but I have a potentially surprising backstory which will give you a little insight on why we are all here today. It started with a love-filled-but-extremely-toxic relationship which ended with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) diagnosis and one ‘skinny-fat’ gal (that was me…). Enter, Pilates.

It just so happened that the gal that we are talking about wondered into Big W one day and stumbled across a ‘Cardio Pilates for Beginners’ DVD for $9.99. I barely knew a thing about Pilates, but I knew that celebrities did it and they generally looked healthy, happy, and fit – so why not give it a crack! And so the journey began. After a few weeks my little 20 minute cardio Pilates sessions were already making a noticeable difference in my life; before this stage I had never been referred to as a ‘healthy’ kind of person – now it’s often what I’m known as, but don’t get me wrong, I love me some pasta (have you even been to IlVerde on King Street – ah-maze-ing) as much as the next person! Eventually my results spurred on the introduction of more nutritious meals, and this was when the famed GREEN SMOOTHIE entered my life, plus fun little fellas like chia seeds, apple with nut butter (Mayver’s is my go-to), and so many other yummies which I’m sure I’ll share with you.

Yup, you could say this was a pretty great time for me. Happily single, living with my cat, drinking smoothies and doing Pilates.

Long story short – Pilates lead me to make a long list of positive changes in my life. My anxiety pre-Pilates was phenomenal. I literally couldn’t get hot without diving face first into panic – yes – that’s right. Sitting in my car, with a broken air conditioner, leather seats, during Summer in North Queensland, there I was panicking my little heart out and fanning myself with one of those Chinese paper fans which my Mum had given me to help me in times of panic (she’s cute like that). I also panicked about shopping centres, any trip which was too far from home, aeroplanes and so.much.more. That’s the thing with GAD, it doesn’t have a specific cause, and that makes it so much harder to understand for you, as well as your loved ones.

Trust me, if I could pinpoint what was making me feel anxious, don’t ya think I’d deal with that sneaky devil there and then rather than working myself up into a tizzy?!

A few years into my journey I was really homing in on various types of exercise, as well as figuring out what REAL nutrition looked like. Not disgusting pre-workouts (horrible for anxiety and depression by the way), fat burners, meal replacement shakes and whatever else they try telling you is good – ps. I worked at one of those places for a year thinking that would lead me down my dream career path (…lol, wrong), there were literally numerous occasions where the owner of the business would laugh with the store managers about the supplements’ ingredients. #placebo

Since 2011 I have been burying myself in all there is to know about Pilates, and I even completed my Life Coaching certification while I was at it plus a bunch of other training and education on nutrition and aromatherapy! All the while I have been working full time, busying myself with a handsome fiance, 3 fuzzy children, more study and planning a wedding. Completing my Certification in Pilates was an absolute dream come true, and I cannot wait to help make Pilates a part of your life too.

But one last thing before I wrap things up here – I want you to know the core reason I am here right now, tapping out these words to you. I am here because my journey was not easy. I clawed my way out of some scary health issues (hello, chest pains at 21) which could have been so much worse. I danced with every fear along the way as I learned to love being in my own company. I forced myself to get up early to workout, or head to the gym after work instead of going home to do nothing productive. I’ve been there. Heck, I’m still there – here – with you – putting in the hard yards to feel good about myself all year round. I want you to know that I am here for you, always. You are not alone in this, we will do this thing-called-life together, and we will show it who is boss. Go ahead and click here if you’re keen to start with a Pilates session, you could join us this Saturday morning OR you could download a 20-minute session to do whenever and wherever you please!

You know what, if you’re not ready to climb the fitness mountain just yet that’s ok too. Click here and lock in a coaching session with me to get started on changing your mindset for the better. It’s that easy.

I can’t wait to have you in my life – welcome to Pilates with Ali!

A xo

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